Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bio and whatnot.

So I guess I'll take some time to talk about myself. That picture isn't relevant, or made by me, but it is amusing.

When I was younger, I was the most changing person you'd ever meet. 

There were Hot Topic's finest (sarrrccaasssmmm) alongside the preppy brands of my age group, Hollister, Abercrombie, and the like. I put my spike collars with my overpriced jeans. I wore something totally different from the day before. I was myself, and I loved it. 

Now, that was quite long ago, early middle school, actually. I was trying to find out about myself and I guess that's why my wardrobe was all over the place. As years passed, my obsession with Japanese fringe fashion grew, along with my knowledge about it and desire to wear it. I was known as an outlandish dresser during early high school, and people either loved or hated it. I was doing my best to emulate the now infamous decora style at the time. I honestly thought I was going to dress this way forever. 

Eventually, I stumbled across more and more Japanese fashion groups online, and saw some pictures of girls in sweet lolita. Never had I thought something looked so perfect! I was growing out of decora and all that nonsense at the time, so it was like finding a missing puzzle piece. Once I found out the name for the style, and some brands for it, I E-stalked the living hell out of it, like I did with decora and "Harajuku fashions". I know a lot of girls were able to ask their parents to buy them that "Kawaii gothic lolita dress!!!!111!!!" but my parents just sort of laughed at me, and said I was off my rocker. To be honest, I'm really not allowed to wear dresses on a casual basis, because "chubby girls can't wear dresses" according to the self appointed goddess of fashion, my mother. It's annoying. I may be chubby, yes, but there certainly are dresses for people like me. My biggest worry is my bust area, really....

Anyway. So as you can see, I had nothing to do but research. I certainly did just that. When I found a Japanese GLB at a local anime convention, I flipped my lid and grabbed it right away. I acted the same when the english one was out. I hated having to explain to people "err, no, I don't own any items, but.....I really know what I'm talking about! Don't run off, please!" and all that rubbish. 

But I guess that's all I can say about myself, 'cept instead of Angelic Pretty, I've grown more attached to AaTP and Innocent World. I like the fact they look like they came from a storybook. I also like Steampunk quite a bit now, too....

Anyway, for those who were wondering about me, I hope this answers questions and all that. Sorry if I bored anyone, though.