Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello, it's been a while!

I'm sorry for the serious delay! I've been very busy with the Portfolio class, and I must say, I'm a different person after that week, in a good way.

This weekend, I saw the movie Inception. The whole thing was so good that I want to see it again, this time I'd watch it a little closer, because this movie has great depth to it. I'm really surprised!
The next day, Joey and I went to the Plaza, our city's go-to spot that I rarely go to, sadly. And if it weren't for the awful heat, I'd say the day was perfect. I was afraid we'd be stuck spending loads of cash at somewhere ritzy for our meals, but both of them were taken care of cheaply, and honestly, you just can't beat Chipotle or Panera, in my eyes.

Just as a heads up, I've got a couple things I've been thinking of making a blog post about. I've just got to get it together, really.

So, the end of summer is getting closer. I'm not excited for that. AT ALL. D:
I mean, I'm really enjoying the summer I'm having! A summer of pen pals, art, being with Joey, more art, personal and fun art projects, this blog and it's amazing readers, and just so much...woah. I love it. I want things to be like this forever. Sadly, that isn't true.

Anyway, enough with this melancholia, see ya! :D