Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey everyone! I know I've been a bit slow about blogging and all, but it's because of how busy I've been! Luckily, it's the good kind of busy. I've been trying to get into penpaling, mostly because if I don't, all my stationary that I have will just sit there! And hey, don't you think it's a fulfilling way to interact? I mean, one can write and receive emails, but holding a letter in your hand is so much more, and has so many fun creative opportunities!

Also, there's something else I'd like to share:
Yep, a new giveaway I'm entering!
I must say, this one is different from the standard fare, as she requests some feedback about her site, as well. Personally, I think that's a great idea. I mean, it's such a good incentive to get some response!