Friday, February 5, 2010

What a day it is....

Hello there. I'm going to make my first honest post now.

Today has been...hectic, as most Fridays are for me. I know it's sort of tacky to start blogging about my life as if anyone cares, but....

I was informed yesterday that "No Chelsea, the snow is too strong, so we can't celebrate your birthday in Olathe with Joey (boyfriend) until next week." Well that's just super. Really.
Just about as super as losing a toenail. Now, I look forward to a weekend of being buried in snow due to my parent's snow-paranoia. What joy, what joy.

But what really got me annoyed was the sudden responsibility put on my shoulders about 2 hours ago, I was informed that the anime club I essentially run (being one of the two people who actually try and pull things together for this 40-man club) was going to have to end over an hour early, and everyone would have to be informed near the end of the day somehow. You'd think I could just grab the intercom and announce it, but bloody hell, that's not how this public school rolls, apparently. So I've done my best to inform all the chattier students of the club that no, you must leave early, and sorry, it's a long story, not my fault. I've even found a way to possibly get it announced on our afternoon announcements. Though the problem is essentially solved, that along with an anatomy test and needing to catch up in my U.S. history is nothing I enjoy worrying about.

However, I feel I'm ranting way too much. I don't want to make some sort of pessimistic demeanor for myself. Actually, there's something good that happened yesterday that's still swirling around in my head. Yesterday, I went to art club, because hey, I love art. I ended up talking to Cullen, a good friend of mind pretty much the whole time. It was invigorating, the feeling of letting your thoughts out honestly and clearly without feeling like a total dork and actually being understood. I only get that about once or twice a week, when Joey's around. Boy, does that make me a wreck.

I guess I'll stop right here, because I feel I'm in too low of a mood to say anything worth listening too that isn't BAWWW.
Anyways, bye bye!