Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well, hello!

I'm updating 2 days in a row? I must be on some new meds or something!

Naw, I ain't. I'm just spilling with gusto, I guess. Seeing as decided to go and get himself a Blogger, I guess I should actually do something with mine.

(I guess you've noticed how I've linked to my site and

I got my hair cut. It's pretty short now, short and bouncy. I've got that whole, Velma thing going on now. Glasses and a brown bob, oh my!

I also got to go to this thing called First Fridays around that time. It was really cool; a ton of art gallery-places and such opened their doors for people to come in a look around. There were a ton of people there, hipsters galore. Lots of inspiration for this little art nerd. 

Going to this ending weekend; I saw Iron Man and Robin Hood. Iron Man was good, as expected really, and watching Robin Hood right after that was a bit odd, seeing as I'm going from seeing high-tech warfare to back around The Crusades, but it was still really cool. I'd say Robin Hood was a bit hard to follow, but no real complaints here.

I hope I can get on here much more, because after about 2 weeks of finals, I'm done for the school year, and on to summer! I have so many things I want to do. I'm really excited. I hope I can at least document them in this blog, whatever they are. I also hope I can put more artwork on here. I haven't finished an official piece in so long...feels bad, man. 

Also, I'd like to make a portfolio site, but I'm a bit dry of ideas. Anyone have any? I want to make one that will have interesting content, but I'm not so good at that.