Monday, May 24, 2010

Yay, productivity!

So guys, here's what I've been doing lately! This, and studying....

Summer will be here for me very soon, as I've got only 4 more days!
Now, a lowdown onto those drawings: They're all just stuff from my sketchbook, really. Nothing too special... the first one I started and completed just an hour ago, actually. Even though I'm for lolita over EGA, EGA's are really fun to draw...they look like they came out of a storybook!8D

The middle one was a character design for a comic I just couldn't make happen. Maybe someday? Maybe!

Oh, and the last one, is really just something I did in ballpoint pen for fun. It's supposed to be me, actually, but...not so accurate. ;-;
Maybe it'll get used in some sort of banner or layout...

I've been drawing so much more lately, and I'm glad. I need the practice. AP Art is next school year, and we already have summer assignments....
(you can learn more about those in my other specifically art blog;

Well, anyway. I hope to post here more this summer, I really do. But who knows, right?
See ya!


Balls said...

Yay, these are good!